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Baby Talk 2011/05/21

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So Andre is to the point where he is legitimately saying some words that he means, and he’s also parroting things that you say, and he is still babbling all kinds of nonsense.

Today I said to him “I love you.” And he said “‘ove ‘ou”. And I said, “I love you too.” And he said “‘ove ‘ou too.” And we repeated that about four more times.

As you can imagine it was insanely cute. I try hard not to be delusional about what Andre is and isn’t saying, but it’s really really difficult to be skeptical when you’re in the moment there.


Red Fang 2011/04/17

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So Ally and I had a really nice anniversary trip. We went to Portland OR, walked around downtown most of the day Saturday. We happened to be walking past Jackpot Records, and saw a bad was set up and just about to play. We asked a guy watching through the window who they were. “Red Fang, man.” was the response. The store was completely packed. Definitely not meeting fire code.

They rocked hard. They crunched out some beautiful metal, with really skillful lead guitar. Couldn’t make out any of the lyrics through the glass. Didn’t seem too important to me. There was a 5 or 6 year old kid with substantial ear protection on his dad’s shoulders, loving it. It gave me hope for the future of rock and roll.

It took me back to the good old days in the early 90’s in Seattle. Very nice experience.


Things taken from Andre’s mouth so far. 2010/09/21

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A peanut! (don’t worry)
A rock.
A piece of plastic.


On being a proud papa. 2010/06/26

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Everyone always tells you how satisfying being a parent will be, and I always believed them. It certainly looks satisfying, and being an uncle is a brief taste of it. But I don’t think it’s possible to really understand how satisfying it is to see your child grown and gain new skills and abilities. It must satisfy a deep need in your psyche. Truly incomparable.


Father of One 2010/01/18

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I thought becoming a father deserved a blog post. It doesn’t seem that much else does. And we just took a nice picture of Andre after his first bath. Ally and I are busy taking care of Andre and not doing much else. 🙂

All Clean


Cartographer Joke for the win! 2009/09/09

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In OOTS no less.


Hack Job 2009/08/16

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At the risk of upsetting Western Dave’s artistic integrity, not to mention sensibilities, I’m posting my photo-shop hack job of Ally in Utah. I’ve been attempting this type of work for years now, and still have troubles. No practice, same problem as with music. But I thought I did a good enough job to use it for a graphic to go with Ally’s music on my iTunes. And thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight a good work that Western Dave did at our nephew’s wedding in Drapper Utah.

Hack Job - Big


M. Ward

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Enjoying some M. Ward courtsey of Western Dave, as usual with a new musical find. I don’t have good coherent thoughts yet, but sorta jazzy, mellow. I think work Adam would like it.

Also testing a new Android app to post. wpToGo. Seems nice so far…

…wpToGo is good for a quick post, but it’s too hard to do anything interesting on the tiny screen and keyboard. Couldn’t contemplate the pain of finding a good page for M. Ward and copy and pasting the text, then figuring out how to do links in wpToGo interface. Maybe next time. When I’m not sitting infront of Bootstrap.

update: moments later

fixed a typo, linked M. Ward, expansion on wpToGo.


End of an Era 2009/04/17

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I’m sad to report that I have given in and now have a G1 android phone, which I posted this blog from.


My Musical Debut 2009/03/19

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I played Old Black Bartleby for open mic night at the Green Bean in Greenwood. Ally played Jolene and we both sang. We needed a bit more practice, I was extremely hot and extremely nervous. There were like 4 people watching, and they were very supportive. We performed “Little Boxes”. I’d give the experience a 4 out of 10 for fun.